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At EBGTexas we are focused on providing reliable and realistic information on multifamily investments in Texas.
Why Texas, because that’s what we know best and where we invested our efforts and gained our education and experience.
If you got here we assume you’re already sold on the idea of real estate as an investment vehicle and we won’t try to convince you how great it can be but we will try to help you see why we believe multifamily properties are the best sub category of real estate to invest in at this point of time.

Texas Multifamily Investment Market – Quick Overview

The Texas multifamily investment market as of 2016 is HOT! In fact, it’s so hot there are certain Texas markets where it’s STUPID HOT.
Dallas, Houston and Austin are trading at 4-6 cap rate and the developer have hundreds of thousands of apartments in various stages of development and all these will join the rental markets in the next couple of years.
The city of Plano alone approved over 40,000 additional units in a recent vote.
These cap rates and terms might make sense to out of country investors or even some CA investors but we could’t make the (conservative/realistic) numbers work. So we started looking outside the metroplexes and realized that there is more thank DFW, Houston and Austin.
The secondary and tertiary markets are still trading at a more reasonable cap rate and there is still opportunities and money to be made there. This is why personally our investments focus is on these markets.

Our Mission

We created this website to provide information to veteran and first time multifamily investors.
It is our goal to provide you with realistic view of all aspects of Purchasing Your First Multifamily Investment Property.
We will try to help answer questions such as: